Marine Towing:
ITS operates 3 towboats from 800 to 1350 Horsepower. We navigate the Three Rivers area of Pittsburgh to Point Pleasant, West Virginia.

We also offer bareboat charters for construction type jobs.

Marine Vessel Repair:
ITS performs above water repairs on dry cargo barges and select mechanical work on towboats.

Barge Cleaning:
ITS can clean most dry cargo barges at are Industry, Pennsylvania dock. Cover stacking or spreading is available as well. Blade cleaning on coal barges can be done at very high volumes.

Barge Fleeting:
ITS has a 4200 foot contiguous barge fleeting area.

Barge Unloading/Loading:
ITS has the ability to trans-load over 1,000,000 tons per year at our facility. Some of the commodities we have handled include:

Sand and Gravel
Rip Rap
Steel Slabs and Coils to 40 tons
Heavy Lifts to 150 tons

We also have the ability to store up to 500,000 tons of material for extended periods.

Mobile unloading at your site is available via our floating 100 ton crane.

Marine Construction:
ITS has completed a variety for marine construction projects.

Pile driving of pipes, beams, and sheet piling
Rip rap removal or replacement
Marine Demolition
Fill material placement or removal

Marine Equipment Rental:
ITS has a variety of boats, barges, and floating cranes available to rent. Please contact us for the current offerings.